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Coin-Eden promises to make a 200% in every transactions every 24 Hours with a minimum of 0.001 BTC and maximum of 0.01 BTC?

And a 15% for every confirmed deposit under the the affiliation program

How can I invest with

To invest, just simply put your bitcoin address and click the generate address button a deposit address will appear, kindly send the allowed amount to the deposit address.

Is the payout automatic?

Yes, all process automatic. from Investment, cashout and referral payments. All payments will be sent to your receiving address.

How long does it take to confirm a transaction?

Blockchain of Bitcoin is the one responsible to the time of confirmation. low amounts have a shorter time to be confirmed. low amount 5-15 Minutes and high amount 10-60 minutes.

Where Can I see my referral Link?

Referral or commission link will be generated on deposit area. share it to your friends and earn 15% of every deposit made under your link.

When can I receive my referral payment?

Referral payments are instant upon the confirmation of the transaction. you'll receive 15% of your depositors deposit..

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